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coût de transaction

Coûts de transaction, coûts provoqués par toutes les procédures- ou opérations- qui rendent possibles des échanges mutuellement avantageux, entre deux ou plusieurs individus. Ils comprennent notamment les coûts provoqués par les négociations entre les parties.

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juin 2016

Cameroon is a lower-middle income country with social indicators and levels of poverty which are below those for comparator countries. Large and rising inequalities between north and south, inefficiencies in public resource allocation and an adverse business environment explain this.

juin 2016

Groundwater is a vital yet threatened
resource in much of South Asia. This paper develops a model
of groundwater transactions under payoff uncertainty arising
from unpredictable fluctuations in groundwater availability
during the agricultural dry season. The model highlights the

juin 2016
Amérique latine et Caraïbes

Latin America and the Caribbean (LCR)
will be center stage in the global development debate as
leaders from around the world convene in Lima, Peru for the
annual meetings of the World Bank Group and International
Monetary Fund. Critical progress in poverty reduction has

juin 2016

Land rights and the systems that
administer them can vary significantly across the world and
within countries (World Bank 2003). For a number of reasons,
land rights may be unclear or insecure. Securing land rights
plays an important role in driving economic growth and

juin 2016

The Philippine Economic Update (PEU)
provides an update on key economic and social developments,
as well as policies over the past six months. It also
presents findings from recent World Bank studies on the
Philippines. It places them in a longer term and global

mai 2016

Over the past quarter century, Vietnam’s
agricultural sector has made enormous progress. Vietnam’s
performance in terms of agricultural yields, output, and
exports, however, has been more impressive than its gains in
efficiency, farmer welfare, and product quality. Vietnamese

Rapports et recherches
Ressources et Outils d'entraînement
mai 2016
Asie occidentale
Afrique septentrionale

The Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI) is a constitutionally recognized semiautonomous region in northern Iraq.

mai 2016

Access to adequate housing is critically
important to the health and wellbeing of the world’s
population. Yet, despite the fact that this statement is
part of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human
Rights and has been on the global policy agenda for many

avril 2016

Despite its challenging circumstances,
Bangladesh has proven to be remarkably resilient and
achieved significant human development gains. The country
partnership framework (CPF) will refocus the World Bank
Group’s (WBG’s) strategic direction on removing stubborn

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