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coût de transaction

Coûts de transaction, coûts provoqués par toutes les procédures- ou opérations- qui rendent possibles des échanges mutuellement avantageux, entre deux ou plusieurs individus. Ils comprennent notamment les coûts provoqués par les négociations entre les parties.

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août 2015

The extractive industries (EI) sector occupies an outsize space in the economies of many developing countries. Economists, public finance professionals, and policy makers working in such countries are frequently confronted with issues that require an in-depth understanding of the sector.

août 2015
Afrique occidentale

The inability to unlock natural resource
wealth for the benefit of developing countries’ local
populations, a phenomenon popularly known as the ‘resource
curse’ or the ‘paradox of plenty’, has spawned extensive
debate among researchers and policy makers in recent years.

juillet 2015

This issue of the Handshake, IFCs
quarterly journal on public-private partnerships, contains
the following topics of interest: weighing the options: burn
or bury?; waste and climate: supporting governments;
community engagement: integrating Indias informal sector; an

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