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Ajenda ya Urekebishaji wa Sera ya Ardhi Nchini Kenya
Rapports et recherches
février 2019

Webinaa kuhusu Urekebishaji wa Sera ya Ardhi Nchini Kenya ilifanyika tarehe 10 Oktoba, 2018. Webinaa ilipitia mchakato wa urekebishaji wa Sera ya Ardhi nchini Kenya na ikashughulikia changamoto anuwai. Lengo lilikuwa  kubaini hatua za kufuata zitakazoleta usawa na haki katika urekebishaji wa sera ya ardhi.
Webinaa ilishughulikia maswali yafuatayo: 

Publication évaluée par des pairs
février 2019

Ten years after the Global Financial Crisis, this research examines how resilience theory and rhetoric relating to the economy and housing markets has been translated into policy and practice. The methodology involves a case study of a city (Auckland) with a nationally dominant housing market and high unaffordability.

Documents de politique et mémoires
décembre 2018
République tchèque

The issue of brownfields and their analysis in Slovakia have not been given such emphasis over the last decade as in the neighbouring EU countries, such as in Austria or in the Czech Republic. The situation is completely different in Bratislava and also in the rest of Slovakia and the development of this type of area is almost unrealized.

Rapports et recherches
décembre 2018

This paper engages in a discussion between regulationists and urban scientists with the aim of bringing awareness ofthe growing role of property markets as drivers of contemporaneous capitalist regimes — a dimension that has notbeen given proper consideration by the French Regulation School. The case of China exemplifies the centrality of landin macroeconomic dynamics.

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