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novembre 2016

El presente material es un breve compendio de las leyes y normativas vigentes, que regulan el acceso a la tierra por parte de la población, con particular detalle en el caso de los campesinos y campesinas. En el caso de las comunidades indígenas, se hará una breve mención a la legislación correspondiente.

Articles et Livres
octobre 2016
Amérique du Sud
États-Unis d'Amérique

This yearbook chapter discusses the link between international investment law and commercial pressures on the world’s natural resources. It argues that changes in legal frameworks are redefining control over natural resources, and facilitating transitions toward more commercialised land relations.

Rapports et recherches
août 2016

Analyses inheritance laws and their impacts on rural women in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Senegal, Togo and Mali. Focuses on Muslim societies, but also looks at how these differed from or influenced the inheritance practices of non-Muslim groups. Shows that women continue to be systematically denied their rights to inheritance, especially in rural areas.

Rapports et recherches
août 2016

Analyses inclusive land governance in Mozambique. Focuses on the country’s legal framework and the DUAT, the right to use and benefit from the land. The DUAT is a distinctive element of the Mozambican legislation that has land as the property of the state but recognises land use rights for occupants and users on the basis of a unitary system of tenure.

Rapports et recherches
août 2016

Brazil lags behind much of the world in taking advantage of an important driver of economic growth: secure land rights. In 2015, Brazil ranked 64th on the International Property Rights Index (IPRI). It ranked even lower, at 95th, for secure property rights on the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) Global Competitive Index.

Rapports et recherches
juillet 2016

This paper provides evidence from one of the poorest countries of the world that the property rights matter for efficiency, investment, and growth. With all land state-owned, the threat of land redistribution never appears far off the agenda.

Rapports et recherches
juillet 2016
Fédération de Russie
États-Unis d'Amérique

This study assesses the determinants of forest land allocation to households in the forest tenure reforms in China in the period 1980-2005 using data from three provinces in Southern China; Fujian, Jiang Xi and Yunnan. Furthermore, it assesses the current level of tenure security on forest land and how this tenure security is affected by past and more recent policy changes.

juillet 2016

Lesotho is one of the poorest countries
in Southern Africa, and has one of the highest income
inequality in the world. Home to about 2 million people,
Lesotho is surrounded by South Africa, the second largest
and most industrialized economy in Africa. Lesotho generates

juillet 2016
Sri Lanka

The new Country Partnership Framework
(CPF or framework) presents the engagement of the World Bank
Group (WBG) in Sri Lanka over the next four years (fiscal
years 2017-20 (FY17–20)). The CPF aims to support the
achievement of some of the government’s medium-term goals in

juillet 2016

This program document presents the World
Bank Group (WBG) FY17-22 Country Partnership Framework (CPF)
for Bulgaria. The timing of the new CPF follows the
preparation of theSystematic Country Diagnostic (SCD)
prepared in FY15, and informs the areas and objectives ofthe

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