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septembre 2021
Asie méridionale

The Summary Report of the 3rd Mekong Regional Land Forum provides a comprehensive review of the key messages from the event including a synthesis of keynote speeches, key take-aways, the links to all presentations and additional documentation.


Publication évaluée par des pairs
janvier 2020
Sri Lanka
Asie méridionale

Land use and land cover change (LULCC) are dynamic over time and space due to human and biophysical factors. Accurate and up-to-date LULCC information is a mandatory part of environmental change analysis and natural resource management. In Sri Lanka, there is a significant temporal gap in the existing LULCC information due to the civil war that took place from 1983 to 2009.

Rapports et recherches
septembre 2019
Émirats arabes unis
République arabe syrienne
Afrique septentrionale
Asie méridionale
Asie central
Asie occidentale

ICARDA continued to play a critical role in the development, improvement, and dissemination of climate-resilient crop varieties last year. The varieties strengthened food and nutritional security and provided a critical defense against extreme temperatures, water scarcity, and the emergence of new pests and diseases.

Rapports et recherches
août 2019
Asie méridionale
Sri Lanka

A reliable supply of water is critical for agricultural intensification and yield improvement. Technological devices that lift, transport and apply water contribute to increased yield from improved crop varieties and high input cultivation. The increasing use of motor pumps is a significant contribution to the development of small-scale irrigation.

Publication évaluée par des pairs
juillet 2019
Asie méridionale

Globally, increased investor interest in land is confronting various types of political mobilisations from communities at the grassroots level. This paper examines the case study of a land occupation movement called Chengara struggle in the largest corporate plantation in southern India. The movement is led by the historically dispossessed scheduled caste and scheduled tribe communities.

Publication évaluée par des pairs
juin 2019
Asie méridionale

Smallholder farmers in the mid-hills of Nepal are facing an acute labor shortage due to out-migration which, in general, has affected the capacity to achieve timely crop establishment, harvest, and inter-cultural operations.

Documents de politique et mémoires
décembre 2018
Asie méridionale

The climate-smart agriculture (CSA) concept reflects an ambition
to improve the integration of agriculture development and climate
responsiveness. It aims to achieve food security and broader
development goals under a changing climate and increasing food
demand. CSA initiatives sustainably increase productivity, enhance

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