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Peer-reviewed publication
Juin 2013

Land change in the Greater Antilles differs markedly among countries because of varying socioeconomic histories and global influences. We assessed land change between 2001 and 2010 in municipalities (second administrative units) of Cuba, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Jamaica, and Puerto Rico. Our…

Journal Articles & Books
Avril 2013

This volume examines and evaluates the impact of international statebuilding interventions on the political economy of conflict-affected countries over the past 20 years. It focuses on countries that are emerging, or have recently emerged, from periods of war and protracted conflict. The…

Reports & Research
Novembre 2012

This publication presents the analysis of the global status of forest policy documents and national forest programme documents as of May 2011, with a view to map their existence and age as well as main characteristics of contents of these documents. The objectives were to: - Compile national…

Reports & Research
Novembre 2012

FAO-Adapt consolidates FAO’s multidisciplinary expertise on climate change adaptation. Through this Organization-wide framework, FAO provides countries with best practices, key principles and priority themes on which member nations can focus adaptation efforts in agriculture and food security…

Reports & Research
Novembre 2012

Meeting Name: FAO Regional Conference for Europe (ERC)
Meeting symbol/code: ERC/12/INF/15
Session: Sess. 28

Reports & Research
Septembre 2012

Large-scale land acquisitions by investors, which are often called ‘land grabs’ (see next section for de nition), can deprive rural women and communities of their livelihoods and land, increasing their food insecurity. This report argues that the current rise in land grabbing needs to be…

Manuals & Guidelines
Juin 2012

Buying and selling land legally in Haiti is a complex and often misunderstood process. The earthquake in January 2010 exacerbated Haiti's land issues, hampering the country's recovery and slowing redevelopment. This manual documents existing Haitian land laws and customary practices…

Juin 2012
Juin 2012

The overall objective of the present study is to contribute to the knowledge-base that is urgently required for the implementation of sustainable rural development activities in Haiti. The study concentrated on the following two objectives: update knowledge and produce a series of maps of…

Mai 2012

This paper addresses labor markets in
Haiti, including farm and nonfarm employment and income
generation. The analyses are based on the first Living
Conditions Survey of 7,186 households covering the whole
country and…

Reports & Research
Novembre 2011

Urbanization is one of the key drivers of change in the world today. The world‟s urban population currently stands at around 3.5 billion. It will almost double to more than 6 billion by 2050. This is a challenge not only for urban areas but also for rural areas, because many people, especially…