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Janvier 2009

Le présent arrêté crée un Comité Interministériel d’Aménagement du Territoire (CIAT) présidé par le Premier Ministre ou son délégué.Le Comité Interministériel d'Aménagement du Territoire (CIAT) est chargé de définir la politique du gouvernement en matière d’Aménagement du Territoire, de…

Conference Papers & Reports
Mai 2007

Soil erosion and environmental degradation are serious problems facing food security in Haiti. In 1999, the annual soil loss due to erosion was estimated at 36 million m3 tons. The government of Haiti has been aware of these deteriorating conditions and has sought international assistance to…

Policy Papers & Briefs
Avril 2007

A Special Product (SP) is an agricultural product “out of the WTO” in that they are not subject to tariff reductions, i. e. Countries can keep the right to maintain protective tariffs on certain agricultural products that are essential for food security, rural development, and farmers’…

Reports & Research
Décembre 2006

As an organisation, we look forward to ensuring continuity of professional services to our partners and ACP beneficiaries in the coming years as well as continuing with existing endeavours and embracing new opportunities as they may arise.

Policy Papers & Briefs
Janvier 2006

The World Trade Organization (WTO) hailed the recent Hong Kong Sixth Ministerial Meeting last December 2005 as a positive movement towards the conclusion of the Doha Development Round. The round was supposedly geared towards ensuring that trade contributes to the development objectives of least…

Reports & Research
Décembre 2005

‘Poor soils make poor people, and poor people make soils worse’. This is a situation that can be seen in many ACP countries. What information support can be offered...

Octobre 2005

Le présent décret crée le Centre National de l'Information Géo-spatiale (CNIG), et fixe son organisation, ses attributions et son fonctionnement. Le Centre National de l’information Géo-Spatiale (CNlGS) a pour mission de produire et de diffuser l’information géographique actualisée et…

Journal Articles & Books
Décembre 2003

World population is increasing, particularly in the developing countries. Groundwater reserves are being depleted; lands are being degraded. The required increase in food production must come principally from new supplies of water for irrigated lands. If irrigated lands fail to produce the…