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Bibliothèque Crown Title Act (Cap. 8.11).

Crown Title Act (Cap. 8.11).

Crown Title Act (Cap. 8.11).

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Décembre 2005
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This Act vests any interest in land remaining unclaimed since the coming into force of the Land Adjudication Act, and which by the provisions of section 17(1) of that Act were deemed to be Crown Land, shall, if not claimed by 31 December, 2020, in the Crown. Any person who claims any right or any interest in land which has not already been claimed by that person under the Land Adjudication Act, shall, if he or she does not claim his or her right or interest in that land within one year from the coming into force of this Act, forfeit such right and the land shall vest in the Crown. The Registrar shall determine disputes regarding title or boundary. Sections 147 to 149 of the Registered Land Act shall apply to the procedure of an appeal at court against decisions of the Registrar.

Repeals: Crown Title Act (Cap. 8.11). (2002-01-01)

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