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Bibliothèque Customary Land Governance Guide

Customary Land Governance Guide

Customary Land Governance Guide
Customary Land Governance Guide

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Novembre 2019
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Responsible Land Policy in Uganda (RELAPU) is a project implemented by the German International Cooperation (GIZ) and financed by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). BMZ created the Special Initiative “One World, No Hunger”, aimed at eradicating extreme hunger and poverty. Within this special initiative, RELAPU is part of the Global Programme on Responsible Land Policy currently implemented in eight countries. It contributes to the overall goal of the initiative through documenting land use or ownership rights for the rural smallholder farmer households.

RELAPU is implemented in four regions of Uganda: West Nile, Lango, Buganda and Teso, and works on land rights documentation in two of the four tenure systems of Uganda: Mailo and Customary Land.

This Customary Land Governance Guide is divided into six chapters, dealing with the development of customary tenure in Uganda, land tenure and administration systems, land rights, human rights and gender, family relations, environment and natural resources as well as land dispute resolution.


For more information on the project: Responsible Land Policy in Uganda | Land Portal.

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