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janvier 2023
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Despite increased attention toward the links between climate, human mobility and conflict, the pathways
through which resulting human insecurity may lead to violence are poorly understood. Although there
is no inherent link between climate-related mobility and conflict, a coherent understanding of the triple
nexus is needed to address the impact of intersecting crises on millions of lives and livelihoods. To
achieve this, an in-depth literature review is employed to identify and explore four pathways that connect
climate, human mobility and violent conflict: conflict as a result of climate-related disaster displacement,
conflict as a result of scarcity-related mobility, conflict as a result of abundance-related migration, and
conflict as a result of pre-existing tensions and migratory patterns interacting with climate change and/
or variability. Finally, recommendations are made to guide research, policies and programming aiming
to sever the link between climate-related mobility and conflict, where it may exist.

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Savelli, Adam , Schapendonk, Frans , Dutta Gupta, Tanaya , Pacillo, Grazia , Läderach, Peter

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