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The Land Portal Foundation is a non-for-profit organization based in the Netherlands dedicated to supporting the efforts of the rural poor to gain equitable access to land by addressing the fragmentation of information resources on land.  We believe access to information is crucial to achieve good land governance and to secure land rights for vulnerable people. Our mission is to build an information ecosystem for land governance that supports better informed decision and policy making at national and international levels. Our belief is that within a functioning and inclusive information ecosystem data, both information and the diversity of perspectives become more visible and accessible to a much larger audiences.  Ultimately, this significantly increases the chances that the information reaches target audiences in a way that contributes to securing people’s land rights.

The Land Portal website brings together content from over 1,000 partner organizations all over the world.


Justification and Purpose of the Assignment

The Land Portal website is the very essence of our organization. This is where we store data, showcase knowledge products and the tool and services that directs our over 30,000 visitors a month to the myriad of different sources on land data and information. It is the platform where we showcase our activities and the source of our credibility in the land governance sector. Its consistent management and curation, continuous improvements to user experience and developments of new and improved features, are thus critical to the organization.  This is why we seek the support of a specialized and dedicated Web Manager to maintain, curate, develop and continuously enhance the Land Portal website.


You have an eye for detail and a mind that is both analytical and creative. We’re looking for someone who understands the inherent complexity of web production, knows how to balance stakeholder needs and works well with remote international development teams.


Responsibilities & Tasks

  1. Website content management:

    • Support the efforts of the communications and information management teams to keep the website content constantly updated and curated on the four website language interfaces (EN,FR, SP, PT).

    • Provide inputs to/assist in preparation of new content, including editing and organizing page structure, blocks and photos;

    • Oversee compliance of content with Land Portal Communications & User Engagement Strategy;

    • Provide inputs to/assist in preparation of new content for the websites. This will include editing and organizing photos and video footage;

    • Support social media marketing activities and strategies; provide support in developing interaction with users and engaging them through quizzes and surveys;

    • Regularly approve user accounts on the Land Portal;


  1. Website development & user experience

    • Develop and guide the implementation of a workflow (using Github and/or other services) for regular updates and maintenance of the Land Portal website in collaboration with the Land Portal’s System Administration & Development and Communications team;

    • Provide inputs and coordinate new web developments and safeguarding the Land Portal web structure in the process;

    • Implement minor web developments through the Land Portal’s CMS (Drupal) interface when needed;

    • Solve/troubleshoot website functions as reported by the team; for complex issues, liaise the Land Portal’s System Administration & Development team to ensure their speedy resolution;

    • Develop and implement Search Engine Optimization Strategies to increase the website’s visibility;

    • Contribute to website audits, development implementations and evaluation and testing of website improvements and web-based applications;

    • Provide Land Portal team guidance and support to  work with the website and develop tutorials accordingly;

    • Develop and implement plan of action to enhance user experience on the Land Portal in collaboration with the rest of the Land Portal team.

    • Liaise with and assist the Land Portal designer on design elements or visualization developments;

  2. Website monitoring & reporting

    • Monitor Land Portal website on a daily basis, review users’ feedback through web forms as well as periodic Land Portal user surveys, analyze usage statistics and search engine results and provide this information to the Team Leader and the Board of Directors;

    • Provide constant web monitoring to ensure that the Land Portal website is live and functioning,  and track and evaluate its usability and performance;

    • Make recommendations on website’s enhancement and improvement of functionality based on gathered data from monitoring reports and its analysis



  • University degree in Communications and Multimedia, Information Technology, or related disciplines;

  • Proven experience in web resource developments, including  web and content management and enhancing user experience;

  • Experience in the management, planning and development of websites, web applications, digital marketing and web strategy initiatives.

  • Passion for web management and knowledge of the industry's growth and best-practice standards.

  • Proven experience in internet marketing, including  search engine optimization, promotion of websites, cross promotion and cross linking, etc;

  • Proven knowledge of Content Management Systems (CMS) including experience with Drupal 7, with a good understanding of Drupal-based applications such as panels and bootstrap;

  • Understanding of HTML, CSS design, cross-browser and cross-platform compatibility, and javascript an asset.

  • Knowledge of Google Analytics, Adwords, Survey Monkey and other website statistics or survey tools;

  • Knowledge of Graphic Software Applications (such as Adobe Creative Suite, including Adobe Indesign Photoshop and Dreamweaver) and experience in using video editing software is considered an asset;

  • Able to provide tutorials, trainings to Land Portal team as well as Land Portal users;

  • A combination of excellent problem solving, communication and interpersonal skills;

  • Ability to work in a fast-paced, multitasking and remote environment;

  • Excellent command of English. Knowledge of French, Spanish and/or Portuguese is considered an advantage;

  • Affinity with the Land Portal’s mission, to support sustainable developments and eradicate poverty through open development and open data.



Terms of the contract

The Web Manager will be working from his/her location for a probationary period of three (3) months, with the intention to extend to at least a year. The position is for a minimum of three (3) days per week, with the possibility to extend to full time.

The Web Manager will work under the supervision of the Land Portal’s Team Leader and in close collaboration with the Communications and System Administration & Development team. The Land Portal team works on a remote basis and has regular team calls. Therefore any applicant should have stable internet connection and home based facilities to be able to fulfill this role.



Interested candidates are expected to submit:

  • Cover letter (one-page);

  • CV;

  • Two references for similar work who can be contacted.

by closing of business day (European Summer Time) August 31st 2018 to the following email address

For questions or clarifications regarding this position, please contact


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