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Afrique du Sud

ActionAid is an international anti-poverty agency whose aim is to fight poverty worldwide. Formed in 1972, for over 30 years we have been growing and expanding to where we are today - helping over 13 million of the world's poorest and most disadvantaged people in 42 countries worldwide.

In all of our country programmes we work with local partners to make the most of their knowledge and experience.

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Assessment Toolkit: Assessing gender-sensitive implementation and country-level monitoring of the Tenure Governance and Africa Land Policy Guidelines cover image
Manuels et directives
Ressources et Outils d'entraînement
novembre, 2017

This gender-sensitive toolkit enables civil society organisations, women and communities, as well as other actors to assess each country’s current legal framework and tenure governance arrangements in line with the provisions of the VGGTS and the AU F&G.

Library Resource
Articles et Livres
juin, 2017

For over a decade ActionAid Mozambique (AAMoz) has worked with strategic partner organisations in the south and north-east of the country to promote agroecology initiatives with 80 farmers’ associations consisting of over 8000 farmers. 96% of the members are women and 30% of them young people, cultivating an average of 90.9 hectares per association and striving to improve agricultural production.

Library Resource
Synthesis of Key Comments and Recommendations on Draft Agricultural Land Law 6 th Version cover image
Manuels et directives
Rapports et recherches
avril, 2017

The NGO Forum on Cambodia, in cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture, Forests and Fisheries, organized a national consultation workshop on 19-20 December 2016 on the sixth version of the draft Cambodian Agricultural Land Law. In addition to inputs from various stakeholders at the workshop, a legal review was conducted with the assistance of Mr. George Cooper, an independent senior legal expert experienced in land policies.

Library Resource
Cover photo
Rapports et recherches
mars, 2017
République-Unie de Tanzanie

In this communiqué, the undersigned Non-State Actors (civil society,pastoralist, research, private, farmers’ unions and other stakeholders) champion a call to action and outline recommendations on livestock policy advocacy strategies that take into consideration the unique conditions and opportunities of the livestock sector development in Tanzania.

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