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décembre 2009
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In Luanda, almost all tenants have the intention of eventually becoming house-owners, mainly due to perception that rental housing is insecure. Small landlords provide most of the housing stock. Research shows that few Governments, globally, give rented housing the attention that it deserves. Study recommendations encourage the government of Angola to examine its embryonic housing policy in terms of rental housing, and whether it encourages the self-help landlord to build for rent and improve the quality of the rental housing stock. Of Luanda’s total population (5.8 million), 15% are living in rented housing (780,000). Most new housing construction is high-end condominiums.

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Development Workshop was founded in 1973 and has been a promoter of urban and civic rights for more than four decades. DW is an active member of the African platform of the GPR2C. We have worked with international and African partners during the last 4 or 5 years as advocates for the right to the city in many local, national and international forums. We were instrumental in getting the Angolan Government to support the inclusion of the right to the city in the New Urban Agenda.


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