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Map of Angola


Land tenure in Angola has been strongly affected by 27 years of civil war that disrupted customary rights and land allocation while forcing rural communities from their land. As a consequence, agricultural production strongly declined, the country became dependent on imports and humanitarian aid to feed its population and more than half of the population (57%) moved from rural to urban areas, concentrated in informal settlements without adequate services.

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Land News South Africa and Region 21 Sept - 18 Oct 2020

Land News: Sept - 18 Oct 2020 South Africa and region

22 October 2020

KB.L seeks to bring to life all aspects of the ‘land issue’, recognizing that land is both a deeply important aspect of our history, and an emotive issue shaping our political landscape. KB.L seeks to develop a comprehensive sense of this history, heritage and memory through a combination of news,…


Agricultores da Cela apresentam preocupações ao governador

6 February 2019

Agricultores do município da Cela, província do Cuanza- Sul, solicitaram ao governador da provincial, Job Capapinha, apoio para relançarem a produção agro-pecuária.   A solicitação foi feita durante um encontro que o governante manteve com representantes de associações e cooperativas de camponeses…

Governo angolano aposta em energia e agricultura para crescimento da economia em 2018

21 December 2017

Autor:Africa21 Fonte: Africa21   Os setores da energia e agricultura, com taxas de 60,6 porcento e 5,9 porcento, respectivamente, serão, fora do setor petrolífero, os motores do crescimento económico de Angola em 4,9 porcento  no próximo ano, de acordo com a proposta de Orçamento Geral do Estado …



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Behind high-rise buildings and skyscrapers hides poverty and inequality in urban Angola

Behind high-rise buildings and skyscrapers hides poverty and inequality in urban Angola

27 January 2020

Will skyscrapers one day represent the prosperity that every Angolan citizen has dreamed about? Perhaps. From the Middle East to North America, high-rise buildings and skyscrapers are cropping up as a symbol of wealth and prosperity in global cities. Modern Africa has experienced unprecedented…