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Library Resource
Rapports et recherches
avril, 2000
Zimbabwe, Afrique

A historical analysis of the current land invasion crisis, examining the chequered past of the white farmers. Contrasts the present situation with the eviction without compensation by whites of Chief Tangwenya and his followers. Examines the different interpretations by the British and Zimbabwean Governments of the agreement over land reached at Lancaster House in 1979. Argues that the present media coverage lacks historical perspective and is doing the country a disservice. There are more questions needing to be asked about Britain’s role

Library Resource
janvier, 2000
Angola, Sierra Leone, Libéria, Afrique sub-saharienne

Report looks at the role of diamond sales in funding of conflict situations, focusing on countries such as Liberia, Sierra Leone and Angola.Website includes reports from the newspaper, plus an online dicussion forum

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