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Community Organizations Ministry of Agriculture Republic of Latvia
Ministry of Agriculture Republic of Latvia
Ministry of Agriculture Republic of Latvia

Ministry of Agriculture are responsible for agriculture, forest sector, fisheries, rural development, veterinery and food.

Functions of ministry are: Develop agriculture, forest sector and fishery policies; Organisation and coordination of agriculture, forest sector and fishery policies implementation.

Objective of the rural development policy is improving competitiveness of agriculture and forestry, applying new methods and technologies, and particularly, supporting young farmers.



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Convergence process of agricultural land structures in the European Union

Décembre, 2013

Economic development is associated with changes in the use of available production factors, including land. Under the Common Agricultural Policy of the European Union, land resources are no longer only a factor of agricultural production but they have become also a source of public goods. The aim of this article is to identify whether convergence processes in the development of agricultural land structures in the EU-25 take place in connection with the functioning of agriculture in the EU Member States under the CAP.

Agricultural land market in Poland and the European Union

Décembre, 2012

The aim of this study was to compare the agricultural land market in Poland and in the selected countries of the European Union. The present paper compares the price changes of agricultural land in Poland and the EU. This research contains the information on institutions involved in agricultural land management in the selected EU countries. The paper presents the current state of the Polish market and its prospects for the land. Therefore, the development of the agricultural real estate market in Poland covers the years from 2004 to 2012.

Changes of landscape spatial structure as a result of transformation of land-ownership

Décembre, 2012

The aim of the research is to analyse the landscape structure changes from the end of the Soviet times in 1974–1986 until 2005 when market economy existed in Lithuania. The changes of landscape structure were observed in 100 sample areas (squares) each of them having 2.5 km2 area and distributed in different landscape types. The changes in sample areas (squares) with determination of land cover structure transformations were observed using topographic photos and ortophoto images at a scale 1:10 000.

Land as main production factor on dairy farms in Poland

Décembre, 2012

This paper presents the issues of land resources on dairy farms of various scale of production. Using a dynamic scope, it analyses the shaping of parameters such as the area of own and rented land, share of rented land in the whole area of land, share of arable land, and the technical development of land factor in accordance with the number of dairy cows. Distinct dependencies between the shaping of parameters and the scale of production have been observed in the research. Data from the Polish FADN for the years 2004-2009 were used in the paper.

Research on the preconditions of land consolidation in rural districts

Décembre, 2010

The concept of land consolidation is new in Latvia. Its main tasks are to eliminate land fragmentation and to facilitate farms of optimal size. One of the most important preconditions of land consolidation is forming of optimal size farmland plots in property and use, and land fragmentation, which has a major impact on both the operating conditions and other rural development processes. Land fragmentation affects not only land management, but it also increases transport costs.