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Community Organizations Social and Solidarity Economy
Social and Solidarity Economy
Social and Solidarity Economy
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Information on the Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) is spread across many different websites in various languages. Researchers have not reached a consensus on definitions, and terms are used differently depending on which continent you are on, ranging from popular economy and solidarity economy to social economy and social and solidarity economy (the term we will use on this site). Realities and practices differ. Our aim is to provide a degree of coherence by bringing together as many documents as possible on this site, including case studies, analyses, interviews, accounts of initiatives and proposals, in French, English, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian (and some documents in German with thoption of adding other languages), from all four corners of the world.

In addition to the ideas and concepts that traverse the broad field of the SSE, we also want to highlight the projects and actors that make the sector a real instrument of social transformation throughout the world. By creating a collective resource site with an international reach, we will be demonstrating the comprehensive nature and relevance of the economic paradigm promoted by the SSE.



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Las mujeres rurales y el acceso a la tierra: El caso de las socias de FEMUPROCAN

Reports & Research
Décembre, 2016

Este estudio contiene un análisis cualitativo sobre el acceso a la tierra por parte de las socias de la Federación Agropecuaria de Cooperativas de Mujeres Productoras del Campo de Nicaragua (FEMUPROCAN) y su impacto en el empoderamiento económico y social de las mujeres rurales. El estudio se llevó a cabo en base a tres grupos focales con 30 mujeres rurales que representaban a más de 250 cooperativas del Pacífico y Centro de Nicaragua.