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Map of Lesotho


Lesotho is a small mountainous country with a population of 2.1 million Basotho people. Its borders are enclosed within the borders of South Africa. Just 11% of Lesotho’s land is classified as arable with less than 1% of land classified as high potential land for crop production.  The majority of people live in the lowlands area (below 2000m altitude). 

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Lesotho has seen a rapid urbanisation with the quadrupling of its urban population between 1976 and 2006

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Men ploughing_Photosource Pixabay CC0

Customary law and institutions: Comparative perspectives from Eswatini and Lesotho

6 Août 2021

By Sean Johnson, land administration specialist at COWI, Swaziland * This piece was originally published as part of the online discussion on customary law in Southern Africa Institutions – societal behaviour, norms, rules, laws, and structures – emerge, develop, and are shaped by the interaction of…

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