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Community / Land projects / Part of the GCP/GLO/347/UK

Part of the GCP/GLO/347/UK


05/16 - 07/16


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A workshop in Guatemala, entitled “Taller Mesoamericano sobre Gestión Territorial y el uso de Herramientas Tecnológicas en Tierras Comunales Indígenas y Campesinas”, facilitated the exchange of experiences on the management of tenure rights on natural resources and territories by indigenous communities in different countries in Central America. Different practical examples of mapping of communal land rights were shared, including success stories and challenges, and training on the use of Open Tenure was provided, using the instrument as an innovative catalyser of discussion around the management of indigenous peoples’ lands rights. The participants represented territorial indigenous organizations, indigenous leaders from different communities, network of indigenous and farmers’ communities, CSOs and universities, and representatives from government institutions.

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