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Biblioteca Land Conflict Resolution Approach by RELAPU

Land Conflict Resolution Approach by RELAPU

Land Conflict Resolution Approach by RELAPU

Land in Uganda is a delicate resource that has caused many conflicts over the past years. About 80% of pending court cases in the country relate to land today. Looking at the country’s violent history, a rising population and increasing impact of climate change on agriculture productivity, land rights in Uganda are contested to this day. Land conflicts are either within communities, family structures or between individuals and external players such as investors. The number of conflicts within these structures is rising considerably, which also leads to constraints in the productive usage of land.

The project on Responsible Land Policy in Uganda (RELAPU) by the German lnternational Cooperation (GlZ) in partnership with the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development (MLHUD) supports this vision and contributes to the resolution of land conflicts in Uganda. The project’s overall objective is to improve “Access to land as a key prerequisite for poverty and hunger reduction in rural areas has improved for certain population groups, especially women and marginalized groups, in Central, Northern and Eastern Uganda”. The approach of the project is to secure fair land use and land tenure rights for sustainable development and food security.

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