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3 juillet 2020

Source: Beninwebtv.com

Par: Dr AVOHOUEME Béranger 

Socio-anthropologue du droit foncier, Chercheur à l’Université d’Abomey-Calavi (Bénin)

date: 02/07/2020


« Les déserts fonciers » constituent le véritable défi à relever pour que l’application du décret du 24 juin 2020, portant suspension de la cession du patrimoine foncier des communes, puisse produire les effets attendus.


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23 avril 2020
Afrique occidentale

Source: Pressafrik.com

Par: Ibrahima Arona DIALLO,
Professeur de droit public, Coordonnateur du Réseau d’excellence sur la Gouvernance foncière en Afrique de l’Ouest et  Expert foncier international et membre associé à l’Ipar.

Date: 13/04/2020


20 janvier 2020

Source: AGTER, Le Monde

Tribune publiée par lemonde.fr le 3 décembre 2019

Rédigé par : Collectif

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A woman speaks about land rights during a community meeting
19 décembre 2019

Matito Leruso was born and raised in the herding community of Lengurma in Isiolo County. Communal grazing land has been central to her community’s livelihood, wellbeing, and identity for generations, but they have never had their legal rights to govern it recognized. None of Kenya’s thousands of pastoralist communities have. This changed in 2016, with the passage of the Community Land Act. Since then, Matito has joined other residents of Lengurma in working to understand, use and shape the new law to ensure that their community land rights are respected and upheld.

26 novembre 2019

Date: 18 novembre 2019

Source: Inf'OGM

Par: Frédéric PRAT

L’autonomie paysanne a été l’un des thèmes choisis lors d’une réunion internationale autour des semences paysannes. Récit de débats parfois agités, toujours passionnants, pour identifier les freins à cette autonomie et partager des expériences pour tenter de l’atteindre.

(Photo de CPIE Bassin de Thau - Stand à Mèze pour "Sème ta Résistance")

26 novembre 2019

I bring you warm greetings from H.E. Mousa Faki Mahamat, the Chairperson of African Union Commission. It is my honour and pleasure to deliver this statement at the opening of the Conference on Land Policy in Africa. I salute the African Development Bank (AfDB), the Government of Côte D’Ivoire and all partners for hosting and successfully organizing the 2019 Conference on Land Policy in Africa.

15 novembre 2019
Afrique septentrionale

Date: 13 novembre 2019

Source: L'Economiste


Le Maroc ne compte que trois conseils régionaux de géomètres-topographes!

Une réforme de la loi nécessaire pour accompagner et encadrer les grands changements


“This plot is not for sale!”: Land Administration and Land Disputes in Uganda
6 novembre 2019
Miss Teddy Kisembo

“This plot is not for sale” are the six words you will find, marked on a lot of properties and plots of land in Uganda. The words are meant to ward off quack land or property brokers and conmen. Most of the cases handled in courts in Uganda, and Kampala in particular, are fraud-related cases (like selling land while the true owners are away using counterfeit titles) and land transaction fraud (when fake land titles are obtained and sadly some officers in the land registry are involved).

17 septembre 2019

Date: 13 septembre 2019

Source: FarmlandgrabRFI

Par: Anne-Cécile Bras




Malaysian Journal of Economic Studies

The primary purpose of the journal is to promote publications of original research related to the Malaysian economy. It is also designed to serve as an outlet for studies on the South-east Asian countries and the Asian region. The journal also considers high-quality works related to other regions that provide relevant policy lessons to Malaysia. The journal is receptive to papers in all areas of economics. We encourage specifically contributions on all range of economic topics of an applied or policy nature.

Africa Public Service Delivery & Performance Review logo

Africa’s Public Service Delivery & Performance Review (APSDPR) is a journal in the niche area of Public Service Monitoring and Evaluation. The journal is a peer reviewed journal, aimed at the promotion and sharing of knowledge, skills and innovations in government and the wider Public Sector environment in South Africa and abroad.

Agribank is a State-Owned Enterprise with the mandate to promote the growth and development of agriculture through affordable and innovative financing. Agribank has been operating in Namibia for over 25 years.

Agribank Act No. 5/2003, as amended, provide the legal framework for regulating the business of the bank and to expand the business operations to be responsive to the changing environment. The Act mandates Agribank to advance money to persons or financial intermediaries to promote agriculture and activities related to agriculture.

Our Mission

AidData is a research lab at William & Mary's Global Research Institute. We equip policymakers and practitioners with better evidence to improve how sustainable development investments are targeted, monitored, and evaluated. We use rigorous methods, cutting-edge tools, and granular data to answer the question: who is doing what, where, for whom, and to what effect?

Asian Social Science

Asian Social Science (ASS) is an international, double-blind peer-reviewed, open-access journal published by the Canadian Center of Science and Education. The journal focuses on the following topics: anthropology, sociology, politics, culture, history, philosophy, economics, education, management, arts, laws, linguistics and psychology. It provides an academic platform for professionals and researchers to contribute innovative work in the field.

BAOBAB for Women’s Human Rights (BAOBAB) is a not-for-profit, nongovernmental women’s human rights organisation, which focuses on women’s legal rights issues under the three systems of law – customary, statutory and religious laws – in Nigeria. The organisation operates from a national office in Lagos, with outreach teams in 14 states across Nigeria.

Belun was established in 2004 to prevent conflict and facilitate community capacity development in Timor-Leste. Belun’s work is grounded in the vision of a society that has the ability, creativity and criticalthinking to strengthen peace for development. Belun has grown to become one of the largest National nongovernment organisations in Timor-Leste and has engaged with over 100 non-government (NGO) and community-based organization (CBO) partners, .


The Canadian Institute of Resources Law (CIRL), a registered charitable organization, is a leading national centre of expertise on energy and environmental policy and law issues relating to Alberta's energy and natural resources. Since its establishment in 1979, the Institute has developed an international reputation for excellence in resources, energy and environmental law, and pursues a three-fold mandate to undertake research, education and publication activities on energy and the environment. 

We are a not-for-profit organization supporting agrarian reform beneficiaries and their cooperatives.

We improve the lives of smallholder farming households by promoting access to productive resources and enabling them to make informed decisions about environment-friendly, non-discriminatory and sustainable livelihoods.
We believe in people-centred development and a faith that promotes justice, peace, and integrity to all people.

The Centre for Policy Research (CPR) has been one of India’s leading public policy think tanks since 1973. The Centre is a non-profit, non-partisan independent institution dedicated to conducting research that contributes to the production of high quality scholarship, better policies, and a more robust public discourse about the structures and processes that shape life in India.

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