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WOLTS gender and land champions in Tanzania
27 avril 2023
Joyce Ndakaru
Afrique orientale
République-Unie de Tanzanie

Many rural communities in Tanzania share similar challenges from mining companies and investors. I have seen first-hand how men and women gender and land champions can help.

7 janvier 2020
Fiona Flintan

The Rangelands Initiative of the International Land Coalition (ILC) is drawing attention to rangelands and drylands at the highest levels, in order to find solutions to the challenges faced by local populations that live and work there, and to encourage appropriate investment including in securing land rights and good governance, building resilience to drought and other shocks or stresses, and increasing rangeland productivity.




Conformément au décret n°2011-077/PRN/MEL du 25 mai 2011, déterminant les attributions du Ministre de l’Elevage, le Ministre est chargé, en relation avec les ministres concernés, de l’élaboration, de la mise en œuvre et du suivi de la politique nationale en matière de développement de l’élevage, conformément aux orientations définies par la Stratégie du Développement Rural (SDR) et les autres politiques du sous secteur. A ce titre, il exerce les attributions suivantes :

1. la conception et la mise en œuvre des politiques en matière de l’élevage ;

The Pastoral Development Network represents a world-wide network of researchers, administrators and extension personnel interested in the issues of pastoralism and rangelands. Between 1976 and 1996 the PDN was managed by ODI and published regular mailings including newsletters and a wide ranging series of papers on pastoralism and related issues. There were also a number of other related publications.

Society for Range Management logo

The Society for Range Management is the professional scientific society and conservation organization whose members are concerned with studying, conserving, managing and sustaining the varied resources of the rangelands which comprise nearly half the land in the world. Established in 1948, SRM has over 4,000 members in 48 countries, including many developing nations.

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