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Elephants Congregate in Bais in Central African RepublicPhoto by David Weiner, INCEF
18 mai 2023
Prof. Félix Ngana
République centrafricaine

Interview with Prof. Félix Ngana of the University of Bangui: Promoting training of Central Africans in land governance for poverty reduction


In this interview, Prof. Felix Ngana talks about the recent creation of the Training and Research Unit (UFR) on Land Governance and Local Development (GFDL) at the University of Bangui in the Central African Republic (CAR). Following the establishment of a Bachelor's degree program, plans to extend this training to the Master's and PhD levels are already underway. These efforts are timely, as the country has embarked on a decentralization process to elect mayors and governors to head municipal and regional councils, respectively. 

Elephants Congregate in Bais in Central African RepublicPhoto by David Weiner, INCEF
18 mai 2023
Prof. Félix Ngana
République centrafricaine


Entretien avec Prof. Félix Ngana de l’Université de Bangui : Promouvoir la formation des Centrafricains en gouvernance foncière pour la réduction de la pauvreté

Dans cet entretien, Prof. Félix Ngana nous parle de la récente création de l’Unité de Formation et de Recherche (UFR) sur la Gouvernance Foncière et le Développement Local (GFDL) à l’Université de Bangui en République centrafricaine (RCA). À la suite de la mise en place d’un programme de Licence 3, des projets pour prolonger cette formation aux niveaux master et doctorat sont déjà en cours. Ces efforts arrivent à point nommé, alors que le pays s’est engagé dans un processus de décentralisation pour élire des maires et des gouverneurs, respectivement à la tête de conseils municipaux et régionaux. 

Deforestration Brazil
6 janvier 2023
Mr. Peter Veit
Katie Reytar
Amérique latine et Caraïbes

Forests around the world play a major role in curbing or contributing to climate change. Standing, healthy forests sequester more atmospheric carbon than they emit and act as a carbon sink; degraded and deforested areas release stored carbon and are a carbon source.

12 juillet 2022
Dr. Rick de Satgé
Afrique sub-saharienne

Deux tiers de la population mondiale n'ont pas accès à un régime foncier sûr.Des variantes de cette statistique sont couramment citées dans le secteur foncier. Mais d'où proviennent ces données ? Comment le savons-nous ?

This Is Our Land: Why Reject the Privatisation of Customary Land
20 juillet 2021


Most of the world’s land is still stewarded by communities under customary systems. Billions of people rely on communally managed farmland, pasture, forests and savannahs for their livelihoods. 

This collective management of resources is viewed in the colonial or capitalist economic model as an obstacle to individual wealth creation and private profit. 

A rural homestead in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Collart Hervé/Sygma via Getty Images
22 juin 2021
Prof. Ben Cousins
Afrique du Sud

By Ben Cousins, Emeritus Professor, Institute for Poverty, Land and Agrarian Studies (PLAAS), University of the Western Cape

* This article originally appeared in the The Conversation on 22 June 2021

Men ploughing_Photosource Pixabay CC0
6 août 2021
Mr. Sean Johnson

By Sean Johnson, land administration specialist at COWI, Swaziland

* This piece was originally published as part of the online discussion on customary law in Southern Africa

Benguela, Angola, october 2007_photo by Carlos Ebert_FLICKR creative commons
6 août 2021
Allan Cain
Afrique australe


By Allan Cain, Development Workshop Angola

* This article was originally published as part of the online discussion on customary law in Southern Africa

To secure equal rights to land, bring men and women together
13 juillet 2021
Dr. Elizabeth Daley
République-Unie de Tanzanie

There is an underlying tension in the land rights movement that is rarely addressed head on, which is the perception that securing women’s land rights threatens community land rights. Community land rights are typically held by indigenous people, small-scale and subsistence farmers, pastoralists, herders and many other groups who are directly dependent on land for their livelihoods but whose land tenure is often the most precarious.

3rd Mekong Regional Land Forum: Forum Replay
26 mai 2021
Asia du sud-est
Viet Nam

Summaries and selected replays from the 3rd Mekong Regional Land Forum are available below. Full replays of the plenary sessions will be posted shortly -- check back soon!





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