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décembre 2021
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The decision to conduct a Sustainable Development Goals(SDGs) survey was reachedafter thecompletion of the2020 Voluntary National Review (VNR) for The Gambia.It was realized thatthecountry was able to reporton only 52%of SDG indicators. The Gambia Bureau of Statistics(GBoS)in collaboration with the Directorate of Development Planning (DDP) of the Ministry ofFinance and Economic Affairs (MoFEA) with financial support from the United NationsDevelopment Programme (UNDP) Country Officedecided to take on this task of updatingthestatus of the indicators.
During the process of planning the survey, GBoS collaboratedwiththe United NationsDepartment of Economic  and Social Affairs (UNDESA)for technical support as they areresponsible for the measurement of the SDGs. DESA linked theBureauwith various experts whoprovided technical support on methodology and data needs for the different targets and indicators.The experts provided guidance onmeasurement ofsome of the indicators that were deemeddifficult to measure.

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The Gambia Bureau of Statistics (GBOS) is a government department under the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs responsible for the collection, analysis and dissemination of statistical data. A recent review of our activities has confirmed the need to create appropriate strategies, tools and channels in order to disseminate our results to our stakeholders – from staff, directors and policy makers, to the general public.

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