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There is a strong recognition of rights to land and forests both in rural and urban areas in the Gambia. Land is governed by a complex and interlinked system of statutory and customary law and practices. Over the last three decades land reforms largely aimed at formalizing and converting customary tenure into leasehold tenure, centralizing land administration, and establishing a Land Commission.
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State of Land Information Consultancy

Deadline extended! Land Portal is hiring researchers (remote work)

6 December 2022

The Land Portal is hiring researchers with expertise on Liberia, Sierra Leone, Zimbabwe, Sudan, Mozambique, Ghana,  and The Gambia.

VP wants embargo on foreign estate development

9 June 2022

The vice president of The Gambia has urged lands minister to put an embargo on foreign real estate development in The Gambia, saying if all the land is sold, the next generation will be deprived of shelter. 

NBR feels climate change impact as governor urges for integrated approach in resilience building

27 April 2022

The governor of North Bank Region has reiterated that Climate Change is and continues to be a major economic, social & environmental problem and therefore called for aggressive and integrated approach in building local capacities on climate resilience in a bid to reduce the negative impact and…



In contrast to other West African countries, the Gambia is less affected by large-scale land investments. According to the Land Matrix, there was one large biofuel investment contract concluded in 2012 over 30,000ha which was abandoned in 2020.

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Gambians celebrate the departure of former strongman Yahya Jammeh in front of an armoured vehicle manned by West African troops in early 2017. Carl de Souza/AFP via Getty Images

Why The Gambia’s quest for a new constitution came unstuck – and what next

6 October 2020

Gambians have grappled with some important constitutional ideas, and reached insights that will be helpful in the long run. Given its great quest for change and the broad consensus that there cannot be any meaningful break with the political past without true and complete reform, I am confident…