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Job Opportunities: Land Portal Seeks Researchers and Analysts for Open Data Project

27 July 2021

The Land Portal Foundation and Open Data Charter intend to implement the Open Up Guide for Land Governance in the period 2021 - 2024. As part of this project, we seek to develop State of Land Information (SOLI) reports for 10-12 countries in Africa and Latin America. The SOLI reports will provide…

Increasing land conflicts in Gambia

29 March 2019

Effective land management is predicated on proper ownership. It is those with legitimate documentation for the land they claim to own who can confidently make decisions on what to do with their parcels and maximise the potential. Ownership is essentially determined by title deeds. Unfortunately,…

‘Activista’ Inaugurate Rural Women Assembly

17 October 2018

‘Activista’ the Gambia, in collaboration with Action-Aid International, on Monday October 15th 2018, official inaugurated the Rural Women Assembly to discuss agro-ecology, resilience building and land rights in the Gambia. The event was held at a local hotel in Senegambia. Omar Badjie, Executive…



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Gambia: My Thoughts On Supporting Rural Women During COVID-19, Using a Gender Lens

16 April 2020

Governments all over are asking people to stay at home, and The Gambia is no exception. Whilst this is to curb movements to limit the transmission of COVID-19, these steps can have unintended consequences for the poorest & most vulnerable. Whilst the Nema and other agricultural projects have…