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Theme for first round: Gender & Property Rights 

Land and housing are some of the most valuable assets for an individual. However, several studies and government records have historically revealed a gender skew in property ownership, with more men owning land and housing than women. According to the World Economic Forum, women hold less than 20% of the world’s land. The latest NFHS 5 data shows that in India, only two in every five women own land or house individually or jointly with others.

Even though different data sets use different measurements to measure land ownership, all these datasets tell the same story: Women continue to be marginalised in terms of land resource ownership. Among the transgender community, property ownership records reveal an even more unfair reality.

Property ownership contributes significantly to one’s economic and social empowerment. The right to own property also directly ensures a woman’s right to safety. Understanding the barriers and enablers to land and housing ownership can be critical to empowering marginalised women and trans persons.

With property ownership widely recognised as a crucial factor for measuring economic and social progress globally, why has the progress towards equitable ownership been so slow, especially for women and trans persons?

What are the barriers that inhibit their access to the property? Are there any lessons India should learn from other parts of the world?  What could be an effective gendered approach for securing equal land & property rights?  

We want to hear your thoughts on this theme! Through #Blog4Land, we want to engage with your ideas and share them with our community of experts and others interested in land and property rights. This is also a chance for you to write on issues and challenges that have impacted our society for decades, and make your contribution toward PRRC’s goal of securing property rights for all.


What is #Blog4Land?

#Blog4Land is an initiative by PRRC to provide a platform for young students and emerging researchers to voice their views on important issues concerning our land and housing rights. Through this initiative, we aim to encourage the youth to voice their opinion on PRRC’s platform, which brings together experts and an audience interested in India’s land and housing rights space. 

Every two months, we will share a theme for students and young researchers to write on. These submissions will go through our editorial routine, and the best submissions will be published on PRRC India’s #Blog4Land Page on a rolling basis!



Who can write for #Blog4Land?

The submissions are only open to those pursuing an undergraduate degree or higher or are within two years of getting their most recent degree.



Submission & Editorial Guidelines: 

The first edition of #Blog4Land will accept entries until 1st November 2022. 

All submissions will undergo an editorial review at our end, and only the best entries will be published. There are no criteria for a minimum or maximum number of submissions that will be accepted in each cycle. The best articles will be published on a rolling basis.  The process will check for the quality of submissions, language, and understanding of the subject matter. We appreciate submissions that are balanced in tone, offering a constructive perspective with (preferably) clear policy recommendations in line with the theme. Please read the guidelines below carefully before submitting:

  • Submissions may have more than one author, but they must be original articles. Please do not submit articles published elsewhere (including in college journals, personal blogs, etc.)
  • Please add sourcing/references for all sourced information.
  • Submissions will be checked for plagiarism. If a submission is found to have been plagiarised, it will not be considered for publication. 
  • The blogs should be between 750-1000 words.
  • The blogs may undergo language edits which will be communicated to the authors before publishing.
  • There will be a new theme every two months which will be announced on PRRC’s social media pages and on this webpage.
  • Only the blogs which meet the editorial expectations will be considered for publication. Please note that the decision of the PRRC team regarding selection of blogs for publication will be final.


How do I submit my entry?

  • To submit your blog, fill out the form here
  • Blogs should be in a word format with edit access given
  • Please include a short author bio in the email body along with Twitter/Linkedin profile links

For further clarity, reach out to  

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