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août 2015
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The present Country Situation Analysis Report for Tajikistan is one of the key outputs of the PRISE inception phase (1 year). The main objective of the report is to summarise the current situation of

3 The overall program budget envelope is ca. 57 mln USD [Component 1: regional = ca. 20 mln, Component 2: national investment envelope = ca. 37 mln].

16 Tajikistan: Country situation assessment

the country development and prepare the ground for the research phase (2-5 years) in close consultation with the national stakeholders4. The report proceeds in the following thematic sections: (i) Development context, which reviews Tajikistan’s key development plans (national development strategy, poverty reduction strategy; respective policies and plans) and socio- economic trends; (ii) Climate and development, which reflects how climate change current and future risks challenge the key economic sectors and human health and what are the capacities of natural and human capital to cope with risks; (iii) Implications for adaptation primarily identifies existing adaptation policies, practices and knowledge as well as highlights the challenges towards climate resilience and development in Tajikistan.

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Nailya Mustaeva, Heinrich Wyes, Benjamin Mohr, and Abdulkhamid Kayumov


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