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Country Insights - the latest challenges and innovations to govern land

The Country Insights initiative seeks to expand knowledge about how countries govern their land, the challenges they face and the innovative solutions they find to manage land tenure issues. As part of this initiative, we publish country portfolios with a description about the land governance situation in the country and provide access to several news articles, blogs and events associated with land issues in that country. This information is based on comprehensive desk research and a peer-review process done by a network of researchers and specialists on the land issues of each country.

Derniers portfolios


Située au nord-ouest de l'Afrique, plus des trois quarts de la Mauritanie est désertique ou semi-désertique. Seuls 0,5% des terres du pays sont considérés comme utiles pour l’agriculture, ce qui équivaut à 502 000 ha. Néanmoins, le


Nigeria is a populous middle-income country that heavily relies on revenues from oil and gas exports, ranking among the 10 biggest oil exporters in the world. However, agriculture is as important to Nigeria’s economy contributing 21.9%


Singapore is a city-state formed by one main island and then numerous islets. It is located between Malaysia and Indonesia. The Malay port of Temasek emerged by the 14th century, and the British founded Singapore as a trading colony in


Malaysia comprises two main land masses. Peninsular (or West) Malaysia borders Singapore (via land bridges) and Thailand, while East Malaysia on the northern part of Borneo island borders Brunei and Indonesia. The Federation of Malaya

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Authors of the latest countries' portfolios

Amanda Martínez Elvir
Martínez Elvir
Anne Hennings
Daniel Hayward
Marie Gagne
Nieves Zúñiga
Rick de Satgé
de Satgé
Salah Abukashawa


Peer reviewers of the latest portfolios