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Mar 2022

The Stand for Her Land Campaign is closing the implementation gap for women’s land rights: the gulf between the strong standards in place to protect women’s rights to land, and the realization of those rights in practice, so that millions of women can realize the transformational power of rights to land. Whether her home is a small farm in Uganda, the coastal regions of Colombia, or an informal settlement in New Delhi, India, every woman deserves firm ground to stand on.

Oct 2022

Ecosystem services in productive and protected land/seascapes conserved by improved land use and marine spatial planning policies and land/seascape level management in Gambia.

Oct 2022

The SwissTierras Colombia project, funded by the Government of Switzerland, is supporting the definition of public policy through the design of the Territory Administration System, which includes the standardization of data for interoperability and provision of information, accompaniment to territorial entities to decentralize the management of the territory, especially the Multipurpose Cadastre, as well as training courses to update human talent. All these initiatives, with the firm intention of improving services to the citizen.

Oct 2022

Venezuela Tierra de Cacao es un proyecto de desarrollo social financiado por la Unión Europea, que representa la materialización de un gran esfuerzo mancomunado entre la Federación de Cámaras  de Comercio Binacionales Europeas (FEDEUROPA), la Cámara de Comercio Venezolano Italiana (CAVENIT), como solicitante principal y líder del proyecto, la Cámara de Comercio, Industria y Agricultura Venezolano Francesa (CCIAVF) y la Asociación Civil Trabajo y Persona (TyP), como co-solicitantes del proyecto, con el objetivo de "Contribuir al fortalecim