Reclaiming And Upholding Sacredness Of Places, Objects And Personnel A Study Of The Agikuyu, Nyandarua-Kenya | Land Portal

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Janeiro 2022
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Sr. Dr. Elizabeth W. Wanyoike,,Farragut, US   ABSTRACT Context and backgroundIn the last few years, in some African countries such as Burundi, Rwanda, and Kenya the churches were burnt down; refugees in these churches were plainly and maliciously killed. The study on contemporary perception of sacred places, objects, and personnel was stirred and underscored by this action. Generally, anything that took shelter in sacred places would not be harmed. Vandalization of the sacred is a sign of underling factors related to the way of life. In structuring African traditional heritage sacredness is very vital. Goal and ObjectivesThis study examines the underlining factors leading to the loss of sacredness with the hope of finding ways to reclaim and uphold the sense of sacredness. Exploring sacredness of places, objects, and personnel among the Agĩkũyũ of Nyandarua, inspires consciousness of sacredness in contemporary culture.MethodologyThis scientific research is basically a qualitative investigation supplemented by components of quantitative data from purposively and randomly sampled participants.Results:The research established that the concept of setting apart is required in both traditional religion and Christianity. Sacredness in traditional religion has to do with wholeness and unity while in Christianity the emphasis is placed on holiness. The research concludes that currently, there is a shift and a decline in perception of sacred places, objects, and personnel.They are no longer given the reverence they were accorded before.Some of the factors bring change include lack of integration of traditional values in modern culture.Lack of continuity of the sense sacredness from one generation to another. Continuous infighting and forms of divisions cropping into the churches.Demystifies the meanings and values of what the sacred diminishes their mysterious identity.Losing “sacredness” is losing African identity where God is the center of everything. The need to reclaim some of the traditional perception of sacredness came up strongly. Sacredness can be reinforced through use of modern media, offering seminars to the community, and with the support of both the government and sacred leaders. The hope of building the Africa we want requires reclaiming and upholding African spirituality based on the sense of sacredness.Keywords (Cambria 10pt bold)  Sacredness 2. Culture 3. Identity 4. Reclaiming 5. Perception

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Elizabeth Wangui Wanyoike

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