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12 mars 2020
Afrique occidentale

Date : 09 Mars 2020


Qu’on appelle cela problème foncier ou dépossession foncière, c’est toujours une situation délicate qui provoque des troubles, sinon des drames humains. Les environs de Bamako, anciens villages devenus des quartiers populeux, en sont devenus des théâtres plus ou moins fréquents.

17 novembre 2019
Mr. Kgolagano Mpejane
Afrique sub-saharienne

The passing of the Land Expropriation Without Compensation bill by the South African parliament with overwhelming support by the ruling African National Congress (ANC) and the radical Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) has instigated uncertainties in the country's property rights and agricultural production.

“This plot is not for sale!”: Land Administration and Land Disputes in Uganda
6 novembre 2019
Miss Teddy Kisembo

“This plot is not for sale” are the six words you will find, marked on a lot of properties and plots of land in Uganda. The words are meant to ward off quack land or property brokers and conmen. Most of the cases handled in courts in Uganda, and Kampala in particular, are fraud-related cases (like selling land while the true owners are away using counterfeit titles) and land transaction fraud (when fake land titles are obtained and sadly some officers in the land registry are involved).

21 août 2019
Afrique occidentale

Date: 20 août 2019

Source: Ici Lome

Par: Mouvement Martin Luther King / La voix des sans voix

On dit qu'ils sont une poudrière au Togo. Les litiges fonciers dominent les affaires qui sont pendantes à la justice togolaises. Et souvent, cela fait le business de certains magistrats qui en profitent allègrement. Une situation qui amène le MMLK à interpeller les autorités municipales et les préfets.

15 août 2019
Afrique sub-saharienne
République démocratique du Congo

Dat: 14 août 2019

Source: Farmlandgrab, RIAO-RDC et al

Par: RIAO-RDC – GRAIN – WRM - Justice mondiale maintenant ! - AEFJN (Belgique)

1 août 2019
Afrique sub-saharienne

Date: 31 juillet 2019

Source: VOA

Par: Emmanuel Jules Ntap

De nombreux dysfonctionnements affectent le règlement des conflits agro-pastoraux au Cameroun, d’après une récente étude des experts locaux en gouvernance foncière.

Les personnes défavorisées et vulnérables au Cameroun paient le plus lourd tribut des dysfonctionnements dans le règlement des conflits agro-pastoraux.

blockchain, land, survey
16 juillet 2019
Mr. John Dean Markunas



I. Introduction to Blockchain Technology

II. Overview of the Surveying Industry

III. Surveying and Blockchain

IV. Types of Blockchains  

V. The Case for Blockchain in the Real Estate Industry

VI. Blockchain, Surveying, Land Registry and Cadastre 

VII. Blockchain Registry Integration Levels

VIII. The Future of Blockchain for Real Estate

IX. Conclusion


Glossary — Blockchain Terminology

8 juillet 2019
Afrique sub-saharienne

Date: 8 juillet 2019

Source: FarmlandgrabFrance 24

Par : Guy Marie BANDOLO | Michel MVONDO | Simon BATOUM

28 mai 2019
Afrique sub-saharienne

Date: 27 mai 2019

Source: FarmlandgrabGRAIN et al.

Huile de palme au Cameroun : les juridictions françaises doivent ordonner au groupe Bolloré de respecter ses engagements en faveur des riverains et travailleurs des plantations de Socapalm.

28 mai 2019
Afrique sub-saharienne

Date: 14 mai 2019

Source: FamlandgrabFPP

Par: Madeleine NGEUNGA

Sous la menace de l’accaparement de la société agro-industrielle Biopalm, des femmes autochtones Bagyeli du département de l’Océan disent non à la production du palmier à huile dans leurs forêts.

Cameroun, Village of Mounguè : « Nda Bagyeli »

puerto lopez, meta, colombia, land titles, land rights, property issues, conflict, usaid, usaid transforms
16 avril 2019
Mr. Nicholas Parkinson
In Colombia, the region of Meta is streamlining resources to support land formalization activities through municipal land offices and improving lives by doing so.




Anuario Antropologico

Anuário Antropológico (Anuário Antropológico)

Anuário Antropológico é uma revista semestral do Programa de Pós-Graduação em Antropologia Social da Universidade de Brasília (PPGAS/UnB). Publica artigos originais, ensaios bibliográficos, resenhas, críticas e outros textos de natureza acadêmica que apresentem pesquisas empíricas de qualidade, diálogos teóricos relevantes e perspectivas analíticas diversas. A Revista publica textos em português, inglês, espanhol ou francês.Os artigos selecionados pela comissão editorial são submetidos a pareceristas externos em regime de anonimato.

Avocats Sans Frontières logo

ASF serves the most vulnerable people waiting for justice

ASF intervenes in countries where human rights are not respected, where political violence and armed conflict reign, and where legal rules are flouted.  Justice in those countries, too often arbitrary, does not guarantee the security of the population.  Conflicts are not satisfactorily resolved before the local courts.  People whose rights have been abused tend to resort to vigilante justice, which evolves into the law of the strongest or richest, and contributes to a climate of violence.

Care International logo
Vision and Mission
A global leader within a worldwide movement dedicated to saving lives and ending poverty
Our Vision

We seek a world of hope, tolerance and social justice, where poverty has been overcome and all people live in dignity and security.

The Centre for Policy Research (CPR) has been one of India’s leading public policy think tanks since 1973. The Centre is a non-profit, non-partisan independent institution dedicated to conducting research that contributes to the production of high quality scholarship, better policies, and a more robust public discourse about the structures and processes that shape life in India.

Civil Society Organisations for Peace in Northern Uganda (CSOPNU) is a coalition of more than 50 Ugandan and international non-governmental organisations working with women, men and children affected by the northern conflict.
CSOPNU believes that the needs and rights of people affected by the conflict must be central to the debate about northern Uganda.

The Commision Nationale des Terres et Autres Biens was established recently by the Government of Burundi to address widespread conflicts relating to land and other properties that have arisen following Burundi’s independence 45 years ago. 


For most Burundians, land is both history and livelihood. In a densely populated country where almost nine out of 10 citizens are subsistence farmers, land ownership is a desperate need and a flashpoint for conflict exacerbated by ethnic cleavages and waves of migration and return. 



The motto of the Copperbelt University is "Knowledge and Service" . Enshrined in the motto are the following strands:

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Cordaid works to end poverty and exclusion. We do this in the world’s most fragile and conflict-affected areas as well as in the Netherlands.

We engage communities to rebuild trust and resilience and increase people’s self-reliance. Our professionals provide humanitarian assistance and create opportunities to improve security, health care and education and stimulate inclusive economic growth.

The Eastern Africa Social Science Research Review (EASSRR) is a bi-annual journal published by the Organization for Social Science Research in Eastern Africa (OSSREA). Since the publication of its maiden issue in January 1985, the EASSRR has been serving as a regional forum for reflective thinking and critical discourse on the economic, political, and social aspects as well as development issues of the countries and sub-regions within the Eastern and Southern African Region

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This website offers a platform for exchange on environment, conflict, and cooperation (ECC). It aims to foster sustainable peace and development by gathering and disseminating knowledge. It also seeks to create networks among stakeholders in the global environment, climate, foreign policy and security communities.

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Costa Rica
24 mars 2020
Amérique centrale
Costa Rica





Yehry Rivera, 45 ans, leader de la communauté de Brörán, a été abattu le 24 février à Térraba, au Costa Rica, par un groupe de locaux armés de bâtons, de machettes, de pierres et d’au moins un pistolet.