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juin 2018
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Successive governments in India have emphasized the need for industrial expansion and privatization as the foundation for economic stability and growth. This focus has led to the policy-induced transformation of rural and peri-urban landscapes into use for industry and infrastructure. These transformations have caused social conflicts and ecological impacts for land and resource-dependent people.

This study is an attempt to understand the lived experience of people affected by land use change and related conflicts in India. Equally, if not more importantly, this research seeks to analyze what affected people do when such conflicts arise. What are the strategies they adopt and what kinds of remedies do they seek? Further, what drives these choices?

The report is a part of a series. Similarly-focused reports on land use change in Myanmar and  Indonesia are also available, as is an overview report of the study's methodology and findings across all three countries.

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Kanchi Kohli, Meenakshi Kapoor, Manju Menon and Vidya Viswanathan


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