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19 February 2019
South-Eastern Asia

A few re-alignments have been made on the federal front, but following May 9th, business has continued as usual in Sarawak, the only state not to hold its local elections at the same time.

And business as usual means that those families and cronies linked to former Chief Minister and present Governor Taib Mahmud have continued to grant themselves all the concessions without restraint and suck the life’s blood from the land and its people.

5 February 2019

PETALING JAYA: The Orang Asli community in Grik today claimed that the Perak government has encroached onto their land to carry out logging, barely a month after Putrajaya sued the Kelantan government for a similar alleged infraction.

Villagers from Kampung Tasik Cunex Grik have set up a blockade to prevent lorries from ferrying felled timber from entering the area.

On Feb 1, they lodged a police report on the matter.

They also claim the logging company and the Perak Forestry Department are threatening them.

18 January 2019
South-Eastern Asia

The suit seeks the legal recognition of the Temiar Orang Asli's land rights

BANGKOK, Jan 18 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - The Malaysian government said on Friday it would sue the local government of Kelantan state for failing to uphold the land rights of its indigenous people, a move that activists said was unprecedented and that could lead to more protection measures.

5 December 2018

MIRI: Two crucial pioneering projects have started in Sarawak. First, an effort to publish the oral history of the 6,000 indigenous settlements statewide, and second, to use drones and GPS devices to do aerial mappings of native land.

The documentation of native oral history is meant to ensure that rich ancestral traditions and ways of life will not be forgotten.

29 November 2018

Indigenous communities across Malaysia face relentless harassment, intimidation, arrest, violence and even death as they peacefully resist attempts to force them off land they consider ancestral, a report by Amnesty International reveals today.

17 November 2018

KOTA KINABALU: A Sabah opposition leader has accused the current Sabah government of misleading the people on the issue of communal titles which the state had claimed will be abolished soon.

Sook assemblyman Ellron Angin said in place of the state-planned communal titles, the Sabah government had promised to issue individual titles for the natives.

However, he noticed the individual titles promised by the new administration are almost identical to the communal titles issued by the previous government.

5 November 2018

KUCHING, Nov 5 — Works Minister Baru Bian today defended the Pakatan Harapan (PH) government against criticisms for not giving a specific allocation in the federal Budget 2019 for the perimeter survey of native customary rights (NCR) land in Sarawak.

He said the critics were implying that the PH government is not concerned about NCR land and not treating it as an important issue.

Baru pointed out that land matters are not under the purview of the federal government and nor does it have any say in state land matters.

3 October 2018

KOTA KINABALU: The Dusun Begahak people in Lahad Datu are crying foul over what they claim as unfair treatment of indigenous people by the state government, past and present, after their ancestral land was given to Felda.

Speaking to FMT, Robin Balud, a representative of the small community, said the conflict started 36 years ago when the then Berjaya government decided to grant 120,000ha of prime agricultural land in Tungku to Felda.

“Somehow, the land also included some 2,400ha of our native customary right (NCR) land.

17 August 2018

Growing demand for palm oil is depleting forests as the Orang Asli tribe fights for its rights.

Dendi Johari is an Orang Asli fighting for his tribe's rights in Malaysia's eastern state of Kelantan.

As an indigenous activist, Dendi makes trips from his village in the deep forest of Gua Musang to the state's capital to attend court hearings, community meetings and participate in forest road blockades to protest logging in the lands that Orang Asli consider theirs.

"I see the forests being cut down with such greed and without control," said Dendi.

11 July 2018

MIRI: The Society for Rights of Indigenous People of Sarawak (Scrips) plans to stage street protests at various locations if the state assembly approves a proposed amendment to the Sarawak Land Code.

Scrips secretary-general Michael Jok said the Sarawak Land Code (Amendment) Bill must not be approved.

“The Bill will erode the rights of the natives with regards to their control over the use of our communal territories called Pemakai Menoa and Pulau Galau,” he told StarMetro after a meeting with native rights lawyers.

17 February 2018

ORANG Asli from six kampung have formed several blockades in Gua Musang, Kelantan, this morning to protest against the logging activities in the forest reserve which encroach into their land.

Mohd Syafiq Dendi, chairman of the customary land territory in Pos Simpor, said the protesters have set up three blockades at Chawas, Tohoi and Kuala Wok early today.

“The blockades started this morning. This is against logging and commercial farming. 

“They are encroaching into Orang Asli territory. Stop the logging now,” he told The Malaysian Insight. 

21 November 2017

SARAWAK'S last nomadic tribe, the Penan, have again pressed the state government to recognise their customary rights to land and a forest sanctuary they want called Baram Heritage Forest, by presenting to the government a “detailed community map” 15 years in the making.

A group of nine Penan chiefs, led by Ajeng Kiew, a penghulu of Baram Sungai Patah, flew from the remotest parts of Baram to present the set of 23 maps to Deputy Chief Minister Douglas Uggah Embas last Friday at the state legislative assembly building.

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