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Stacey Zammit,
Prindex - Perceptions of tenure security

Prindex (PRINDEX)

PRIndex, the Global Property Rights Index, is a collaborative initiative between Global Land Alliance and the Overseas Development Institute (with staff from both organisations working on the project alongside expert consultants), that aims to develop and roll out the first global measurement of peoples’ perceptions of their property rights.

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Join us for the online launch of Prindex, the world’s first global survey measuring how secure people feel in their land and property rights. Having previously published data and analysis for 33 countries, Prindex is now poised to release its full global dataset of 140 countries. The event is a chance to discuss the latest global findings and how they can contribute to a world where everyone feels secure in their land and property rights.

Prindex, a ground-breaking global survey, measures the perceptions of land and property security. It contributes to the growing ecosystem of data that highlight the importance of secure rights in driving development and building a fairer world. The Prindex survey reveals the scale of land and housing insecurity around the world, who is likely to face insecurity and why. It aims to equip the global land rights movement and beyond, including governments, journalists, business, and civil society, with the knowledge needed to understand the challenges and drive the changes needed to make land — and, through that, livelihoods — more secure and productive.

Now is a crucial moment. As countries grapple with the global COVID-19 pandemic, ensuring people have a place to live has emerged as a frontline issue in the fight against the virus. Yet in many countries, the human and economic fallout from the pandemic will likely exacerbate longstanding weaknesses in land and housing security.  Strong land and property rights for all are more urgently needed, even as they are more under threat.  

Prindex can help as we look building back a better world after the pandemic, beginning a global discussion on how land and housing rights can be strengthened for all people.  In these tumultuous times, when secure shelter and protection are particularly vital, and the importance of having a home is so stark, how can we build a world where everyone feels secure in their property rights?




Rina Chandran
Rina Chindran
Land and Property
Rights Correspondent

Thomson Reuters Foundation





Don Marquez- Executive Director of the Asian NGO Coalition for Agrarian Reform and Rural Development (ANGOC)
Nathaniel Don Marquez
Executive Director
Asian NGO Coalition for
Agrarian Reform and Rural
Development (ANGOC)


Tarsicio Granizo
Tarsicio Granizo
Head of WWF Ecuador
and former
Environmental Minister
of Ecuador


Nana Ama Yirrah, Executive Director, COLANDEF, Ghana
Nana Ama Yirrah 
Founder and
Executive Director


Anna Locke - Acting Director of Programme – Sustainable Environments and Societies- Overseas Development Institute
Anna Locke
Research Fellow
and Co-Director


Diana Fletschner, Senior Director Research, Evaluation and Learning, LANDESA
Diana Fletschner
Senior Director Research
Evaluation and Learning





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