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    Conference Papers & Reports
    November, 1971

    Les thèmes et I’ objet du Cycle d’études rejoignent les problèmes qui se sont poses et se posent encore a, la Pologne; c'est pourquoi j'ai cru bon de rédiger le présent document sur notre expérience et nos réalisations dans ce domaine.

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    Conference Papers & Reports
    August, 1971
    Chad, Africa

    As in many of the States of Equatorial-Africa, Chad's system of public

    and private land tenure is based on the French decree of 28 March 1699 and on the subsequent modifying texts. This system has not been very successful and Africans have proudly clung on to their respective "concessions", because they enjoyed a material hold over the land (habitation, farming, grazing, fishing m -certain water courses), until i960 and beyond.

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    Conference Papers & Reports
    April, 1971

    La terre constitue la source principale de la vie. Par conséquent,

    la conservation et la répartition des ressources en terre sont des fonctions indispensables qui doivent être envisagées dans une juste perspective.

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    Policy Papers & Briefs
    January, 1971

    La personne responsable du paiement de l'impôt pour chaque parcelle localement appelée le "samad" (mandataire),a été identifiée, et son nom enregistré au cadastre et au rôle d'imposition. Dès lors, par inférence, ce mandataire faisait aussi figure de propriétaire de la terre.

  5. Library Resource
    Conference Papers & Reports
    April, 1971

    The programme of work of the ECA/FAO Joint Agriculture Division outlined in the programme of work and priorities, 1971-1973 with projections to 1976 and presented by the Chief of the Division.that the development of intra—African trade in agricultural products offers great prospects for surmounting the problems raised by the unsteady and falling prices of the traditional export products in the world

    market and for the expansion of agricultural production.

  6. Library Resource
    Conference Papers & Reports
    November, 1971

    Instinctivement, et intelligemment, l'homme veille autant qu'il le peut à ses besoins et c'est dans la société d'autres hommes qu'il y parvient le mieux. Il donne tout naturellement la priorité à sa propre protection et à son propre accomplissement, mais dans le cadre d'un groupe humain où ses responsabilités à l'égard des autres donnent tout leur sens aux droits que chacun revendique pour soi même.

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    Reports & Research
    June, 1971

    African land tenure problems, just like those of the African family, are exceedingly complex and baffling. With its ethnic diversity, Cameroon is an inextricable tangle of different concepts of title to land. Yet, except in the overpopulated areas and some times in the towns, the tensions stemming from land tenure problems were practically unknown in Cameroon until about thirty years ago. Owing to economic development and particularly the overpopulation of certain sectors, and the development of the towns, the government was forced to intervene in land tenure questions.

  8. Library Resource
    Conference Papers & Reports
    March, 1971

    The development of the Czechoslovak cadastre can be followed for hundreds of years, because its roots go as far back as the middle Ages. In the written records the area, land sort (cultivation, culture), value class, cadastral output, tenant and his habitation are given for each land. The establishment of cadastre always needs -that there should be a real conception on keeping it up-to-date.

  9. Library Resource
    Conference Papers & Reports
    December, 1971
    Madagascar, Africa

    "The word cadastre is the technical term signifying the surveying of parcels of land, establishing their area, value and ownership (or any other title of occupancy)". This definition seems to deal only with the topographical aspect of the system, in other words, the demarcation of a group of parcels, with their area, their boundaries and the name of the owner. In Madagascar, in addition to this demarcation, the owner must establish his title by an official instrument.

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