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    An Act to amend the North New Georgia Timber Corporation Act

    Solomon Islands, Oceania

    The amendments of the principal Act change the definition of “extract”, make provision for the creation of a Reserve Fund for purposes set out in section 6, and amend the Schedule relative to internal organization and other matters regarding the North New Georgia Timber Corporation. “Extract” now includes rights to quarry and to move and use sand, etc., and to take and use water, subject to the provisions of the Rivers Water Act.

    Amends: North New Georgia Timber Corporation Act 1979 (No. 9 of 1979). (1979)

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    An Act to establish a corporation for the purpose of utilising the timber resources of certain areas in North New Georgia and for matters connected therewith or incidental thereto.

    Solomon Islands, Oceania

    The is established the North New Georgia Timber Corporation the principal object of which shall be to promote the utilisation of the timber resources of North New Georgia for the public benefit. There shall be a Board of Directors of the Corporation. For purposes of this Act, all ownership of timber standing on customary lands within North New Georgia shall be transferred to the Corporation (sect. 4). Compensation for the acquisition of rights shall be effected in accordance with section 5. The Functions of the North New Georgia Timber Corporation are set out in section 6.

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    Burkina Faso, Africa, Western Africa

    La présente loi fixe les principes et les modalités d’un développement durable, paisible et intégré des activités pastorales, agropastorales et sylvopastorales. Sont concernées par les dispositions de la présente loi, les activités d’élevage des espèces bovine, ovine, caprine, caméline, asine et équine. La loi est formée par 75 articles, repartis en 4 titres, à savoir: Dispositions générales (I); Exploitation des ressources naturelles aux fins du pastoralisme (II); Infractions, sanctions et procédures (III) et Dispositions finales (IV).

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    An Ordinance for the protection of forests and for the constitution and protection of forest reserves.

    Ghana, Africa, Western Africa

    The Governor may constitute Forest Reserves under section 4.A Notice in this respect shall be published in the Official Gazette. For each Reserve a Reserve Settlement Commissioner shall be appointed. Restrictions are placed on acquisition of rights during an interim period between publication and an Order constituting a Reserve under section 17. The Settlement Commission shall be considered a Court. The Commissioner may exclude land from a Reserve. Section 13 concerns compensation and section 14 concerns extinction of rights.

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    Bhutan, Asia, Southern Asia

    The newly instituted Survey and Demarcation Division shall conduct the survey and definiton of boundaries of the so called reserved Forests of Bhutan and shall widely spread information about the forest areas included under this provision, in order to ascertain eventual claims of rights on forests and their products, land and water courses or grazing and pasture rights. The involved land shall be excluded from the reserved forest areas or expropriated or acquired.

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    Italy, Europe, Southern Europe

    All regional interventions aimed at soil conservation, protection of environmental balance and nature preservation shall be implemented in conformity with the general plan referred to in article 1 of Regional Act No. 36 of 16 August 1974. The plan shall be composed of basin plans corresponding to every single hydrographic unit of the regional territory.

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    Italy, Europe, Southern Europe

    The Regional Counsel for Agriculture and Forestry shall be in charge of the drafting of a general plan concerning the interventions to be undertaken in the field of soil conservation, protection of the environmental balance in forests as well as nature preservation. The Act describes the approval procedure, which involves Mountain Communities. Particular provisions deal with expropriation of lands to be included in the forest domain and hence subjected to the interventions envisaged in the plan.

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    Laos, Asia, South-Eastern Asia

    Part I, Management of forests and forested lands: provisions are made on social and community forestry in order to preserve, manage, maintain, rehabilitate forests and forested lands by maen of strategic planning, appointing Directors of Forestry to organize, supervise and implement the plans, encouraging investments in forestry industrial production.

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    Italy, Europe, Southern Europe

    It is hereby laid down the regional policy on mountain areas, which rests on the principles of subsidiarity and promotion of local autonomy. The Act covers the territories of Mountain Communities defined by Act No. 12 of 2002. The mountain policy shall pursue, among others, the protection of the environment, soil preservation and the strenghtening of economic activities in mountain areas. The overall aims shall be defined in the Development Plan of Mountain Areas by the Regional Council (art. 3). Further provisions regard the distribution of competences in this field among local entities.

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    Luxembourg, Europe, Western Europe

    Le susdit règlement porte des dispositions relatives à la composition, l'organisation et le fonctionnement du groupe de travail chargé de l'élaboration du projet de plan directeur sectoriel «Préservation des grands ensembles paysagers et forestiers». Le texte comprend 6 articles.

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