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December 2014
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This Order establishes additional provisions related to the Farms Act. A farm/land property can be registered as such and notification thereof shall be submitted to the Survey and Cadastre Authorities to ensure proper residency status. Provisions also include companies in other EU countries or countries that have signed the Agreement on the European Economic Area (EEA). It is compulsory that these companies are registered with a branch office operation. A special fund, association or other legal entity aiming to support charitable environmental conservation purposes, may obtain a pre-approval from the Danish AgriFish Agency to acquire a farm – or part thereof - and the land may be used in accordance to government planning for the implementation of wetland projects. A person who has been co-owner of a farm must meet the requirements for personal acquisition. The person’s residence is not sufficient if he/she has been a farm co-owner, unless that during that period he/she met residence requirement on the property. In case of granted dispensation from residency, a 10-year residence period is required. When establishing a new farm and/or purchasing supplementary soil, a 10-year residence requirement shall be met by the transferee within 6 months from the recorded date of cadastral changes.

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