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December 2018
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The article presents an analysis of the existing situation of forests of the Republic of Lithuania. The situation is analysed in ten counties of the country. In the Republic of Lithuania, forests occupied 2,178,958.04 ha, country’s forest coverage – 33.38% in 2017. The highest forest coverage was established in Alytus (48.80%) and Vilnius (43.47%) counties. Only in three counties of Lithuania (Panevėžys, Telšiai and Utena) the prevailing type of ownership is private forests. In all counties of Lithuania mostly there are Group IV commercial forests, which make up 71.4% of the total forest area. The least are Group I reserved forests. Coniferous species (56.2%) prevail in the country’s forests, of which pine forests are dominant. It is crucial today to analyse the current state of forests and anticipate changes in trends, preventing potential threats. Following the analysis of Lithuanian forest change, it was determined that during the period between the years 2006 and 2017, the forest area increased by 78,616.40 ha or 3.74%. The largest forest development took place in Utena (17,324.13 ha or 7.32%) and Šiauliai (14,798.15 ha or 6.87%) counties. In order to implement the forestry development prospects, from 2018 to 2030, 106,068.87 ha of forests should be planted. In 2030, 2,285,026.91 hectares of forest would occupy Lithuania and would make up to 35% of the country’s area.

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Ivaviciute, G., Aleksandras Stulginskis Univ., Akademija, Kauno reg. (Lithuania);Kaunas Forestry and Environmental Engineering Univ. of Applied Sciences (Lithuania)


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