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Land Portal Newsletter: Unlocking Open Data for Land Justice | December 14, 2021 Opening up land data properly is not the end in itself, but we strongly believe that it can help advance land justice. Over the last two years the Land Portal has worked hard to embed land issues within key open data activities. [Web version]

Land Portal Newsletter: Democratizing Data, Amplifying Voices​ | July 6, 2021 The Land Portal recorded our best performance ever since the beginning of the first harmonized survey in 2018, and all of our impact metrics improved this year.   [Web version]



Land Portal Newsletter: Announcing a New Donor & Board Members | December 1, 2020 The COVID-19 crisis has made 2020 the most challenging year in our lifetime. It has demonstrated the need to ensure that sustainable and equitable land governance remains a priority on the international agenda. The pandemic also underscored the importance of digital platforms for both maintaining access to data and information and providing a space people can trust. [Web version | PDF version]

Land Portal Newsletter: Digital Innovation in the Time of COVID-19​ | April 9, 2020 Though the Covid-19 outbreak has forced us all to take some time apart, our team has been hard at work of late, continuing to support our users who are turning to the Land Portal to stay connected via online means in what are unprecedented times.  [Web version | PDF version]



Land Portal Newsletter: Celebrating 10 Years of the Land Portal | November 18, 2019 We have grown from being ‘simply’ a gateway to better access land data and information that is fragmented across the web, to a trusted knowledge broker that makes a difference by emphasizing data use and impact. [Web version | PDF version]

Land Portal Newsletter: Meeting the Needs of the Land Community | June 14, 2019 70% of survey respondents reported that the Land Portal is useful to their daily work. This is underscored by the fact that the Land Portal continues to be the most visited website in the land sector, with over 30,000 visits per month and a community of 3,000 users. [Web version | PDF version]



Land Portal Newsletter: Staying on the Cutting Edge of Sharing Data and Information on Land | November 9, 2018 We are strong believers that structured systems enable not only increased sharing of information, which is vital, but that this also multiplies the possibilities for exploring data, leading to increased understanding of the underlying factors at play. [Web version | PDF version]

Land Portal Newsletter: Strong and Dedicated Partnerships Throughout the Land Governance Community | May 5, 2018  We are pleased to announce that the Land Portal Foundation has been awarded a grant of £ 1.3 million as part of the United Kingdom’s Department for International Development (DFID) Land: Enhancing Governance for Economic Development (LEGEND) programme. [Web version | PDF version]



Land Portal Newsletter: 2017 Year in Review​ | December 15, 2017 This past September, the Land Portal and the Global Land Tool Network (GLTN) launched a platform focused on Land and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). [Web version | PDF version]

Land Portal Newsletter:  New Five Year Strategy | March 31, 2017  

We will continue to work with cutting-edge linked and open data technologies and providing services and support to the land community that improve data access and build a more inclusive information landscape. [Web version | PDF version]



Land Portal Newsletter: Becoming a Leading Online Resource for Information, Data and Knowledge Exchange | November 23, 2016  We are systematically working towards creating an effective information ecosystem that serves the entire land governance community. [Web version | PDF version]

Land Portal Newsletter: Creating a Linked Open Data Ecosystem on Land | April 8, 2016  

We aim to stimulate data collection and use at the country level by building the capacity of our local partners to gather and manage information, while at the same time expanding the range of information available on the Land Portal. [Web version | PDF version]



Land Portal Newsletter: Introducing the Land Portal as an Independent Foundation | December 15, 2015  With a new board and our competent team in place, we are well-situated to deliver on our goal of becoming the leading online destination for information, resources, innovations and networking on land issues. [Web version | PDF version]

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