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Journal of the Saudi Society of Agricultural Sciences is an English language, peer-review scholarly publication which publishes research articles and critical reviews from every area of Agricultural sciences and plant science. Scope of the journal includes, Agricultural Engineering, Plant production, Plant protection, Animal science, Agricultural extension, Agricultural economics, Food science and technology, Soil and water sciences, Irrigation science and technology and environmental science (soil formation, biological classification, mapping and management of soil).

Journal of the Saudi Society of Agricultural Sciences publishes 4 issues per year and is the official publication of the King Saud University and Saudi Society of Agricultural Sciences and is published by King Saud University in collaboration with Elsevier and is edited by an international group of eminent researchers.

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Land use conflicts and urban sprawl: Conversion of agriculture lands into urbanization in Hyderabad, Pakistan
Peer-reviewed publication
February, 2018

Growing population (urbanization) has impact on land around the world. Therefore, this study was con- ducted to find out nexuses between urbanization and agricultural land conversion in the study area. Thus, the population of the study area was Hyderabad district, and the sample size was 192 respondents. Both primary and secondary data were used for this study. Hyderabad is leading fro urban population density per km2 in Pakistan, and second in the world with 40,000 people per km2 where it is 2nd largest urban city of Sindh, and 6th of the country.

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