Regularization of ownership is where informal or illegal occupation of land is legalised by statute, giving occupiers the legal right to private ownership of the land.

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United States of America

By: Patrick Phillips

Date: January 2nd 2017

Source: Live 5 News

A new law in South Carolina that took effect Sunday protects families whose land has been passed down through generations but who may not have adequate legal proof of ownership.

The Clementa Pinckney Uniform Partition of Heirs Property Act took effect on Sunday, the first day of 2017.


By: Kizito Makoye 
Date: September 8th 2016
Source: Thomson Reuters Foundation

"The use of drones will help us to define the boundaries of plots of land on the ground with great accuracy"

DAR ES SALAAM, Sept 8 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Tanzania's government is set to deploy drones to speed up land mapping in rural areas in a bid to halt frequent and sometimes deadly clashes between farmers and cattle herders over land and scarce water resources.


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