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January 2011

The Atlas of Forest Landscape Restoration Opportunities represents a first-ever global approximation of where degraded forest lands have the potential to be restored—opportunities to reduce poverty, improve food security, mitigate climate change, and protect the environment.

More data are available today than ever before. Yet too often policymakers, business leaders, and analysts cannot access the data they need to make informed decisions about the environment and human well-being.

That’s why WRI and over 30 partners built Resource Watch, a dynamic platform that leverages technology, data, and human networks to bring unprecedented transparency about the planet right now.

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21 May 2019


In the second triennium of its current strategy (2016-2021), ILC is changing its approach to explore new sources of funding and strengthening the capacity of its members to leverage funds for ILC platforms at country level and on specific themes linked to our 10 commitments.

21 May 2019

What are today’s greatest challenges to food security? Why is obesity an increasing symptom of malnutrition? How can famines be avoided?

Over the course of three weeks, students will delve into these and more questions by studying intensively theoretical aspects and debates combined with case studies and critical methods around the areas of:

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