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By Colleen O'Holleran

Over the past few decades there has been growing awareness of the need to strengthen land rights for women and men across the African continent. As a result, governments have come under growing pressure to improve laws, policies and institutions to guarantee Africa’s smallholder farmers secure land tenure.  

Edward Loure, 2016 Goldman Environmental Prize winner for Africa, led a grassroots organization that pioneered an approach that gives land title to indigenous communities. Photo Credit: Goldman Environmental Prize

By Justin Adams, Global Managing Director for Lands at The Nature Conservancy.

Edward Loure and The Nature Conservancy have a common story. The story is one of reducing conflict by finding common ground—in this case both literally and metaphorically.


By Sarah Logan and Mallory Baxter

African cities are rapidly expanding as the number of urban residents rises due to rural-urban migration and population growth. Ad hoc urban expansion contributes to an increase in unplanned settlements, urban poverty and inequality, and constraints on new residents, who are attempting to secure access to adequate housing, property rights, employment, and basic services.

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