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The broad range of land-related data and information needed to effectively monitor the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) land indicators has been inaccessible, unavailable, or dispersed across various websites and databases. In many parts of the world, there continues to be a general lack of understanding and awareness of the land indicators in the SDGs, the framework for monitoring and reporting at the country level and the roles of various actors involved in the SDG process. 

Co-custodian agencies responsible for land indicators in the SDGs, including the tenure security indicator 1.4.2, are committed to securing re-classification of indicators from Tier II to Tier I, but such an achievement is contingent on existing land monitoring data and information, such as information on reporting mechanisms and capacity development, becoming organized, harmonized, and broadly promoted at the national, regional and global level. Furthermore, the achievement of Tier I status requires immediate, effective, and efficient support and engagement from all stakeholders involved in monitoring the SDG land indicators.

To make SDG information widely available for the land indicators, and ensure the SDG land indicators fulfill SDG reporting requirements of the IAEG-SDG, the Land Portal Foundation and the Global Land Tool Network (GLTN) have established this joint initiative to promote SDG land monitoring, which is financially supported by the Omidyar Network.

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