Climate protection through forest conservation in Pacific Island States | Land Portal
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Programme Office of the International Climate Initiative, IKI, +49 (0)30 338 424 - 218 <>

The project aims to preserve forest ecosystems in the Pacific and thus contribute to climate change mitigation. To this end it is supporting three island states in creating the conditions necessary for par-ticipation in an international financing mechanism for reducing emissions from the forest sector (REDD+). Together with the partners it is developing REDD+ strategies and policies and boosting capabilities in the field of measurement, reporting and verification (MRV) at national level. At local level the project is working with communities and user groups to implement REDD+ pilot projects which directly protect the forest, while at regional level a coherent regional REDD+ policy is being developed. Apart from this the project is establishing a regional REDD+ information and support platform by setting up a virtual network of users and REDD+ specialists, installing a data platform and carrying out training for operating the network.

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