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Community / Land projects / Gambia - Greater Banjul Area: Sustainable Urban Development Programme 2020-40 (GBA-SUDP)

Gambia - Greater Banjul Area: Sustainable Urban Development Programme 2020-40 (GBA-SUDP)


07/19 - 03/22


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The proposed project is a $3 million grant from the Transition Support Facility (TSF) to the Republic of The Gambia for the Greater Banjul Sustainable Urban Development Programme 2020-40. This operation will support capacity building, the implementation of the Digital Master Plan for the Greater Banjul Region as well as the mobilization of municipal finance. It is a pilot project with implications for deployment throughout the country. Through this program to support the mobilization of municipal finances, municipalities will have greater financial capacity to invest in public services and other community infrastructure for their populations. This will contribute to increasing the attractiveness and economic dynamism of these fragile countries.


The overall objective of the Greater Banjul Area Digital Master Plan and Capacity Building Program is to strengthen the capacity of Local Authorities to put in place innovative mechanisms to increase their local revenues, deliver basic services and to support the rolling out of the decentralized approach as outlined in the National Development Plan. This technical support is intended to help municipalities manage the new set of data for planning, land management and to recover the maximum revenue from their locality; development investment plan; and train municipalities and ports in project management and delivery. It also sets a coordinated and unified platform for downstream integrated infrastructure development and service delivery.

Target Groups

The beneficiaries of this program are: (i) the targeted municipalities of the Greater Banjul Area, namely Banjul, Kanifang, Brikama; (ii) the populations of the beneficiary municipalities; (iii) Companies and businesses located in these municipalities; (iv) Port Authority and Central Government.

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