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Community / Land projects / Indigenous Intercultural Governance Program in Bolivia

Indigenous Intercultural Governance Program in Bolivia


01/15 - 12/16


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The program will help strengthen the vision and the ability to generate proposals from organizations, and promote public policy proposals that allow indigenous intercultural management with a capacity of influence in all areas of political decision. It also seeks to achieve a planned and integrated management of indigenous territories with identity, incorporating among other things, access to the benefits of judicious use of natural resources and exercise the right to a "prior and informed consultation", as a model to replicate in other territorial spaces. It also aims to strengthen the participation of women in decision -making spaces, in the process of an indigenous land management and encourage their political participation at different levels of the state; another goal is to contribute to create intercultural processes by constructing visions of development between different actors for a proper management of territorial spaces. Indigenous Peoples of lowlands and highlands of Bolivia constitute the primary target of the program population. The territories of programmatic action are ,: the Nation Killaka in the departments of Potosí and Oruro and Guarani Nation in the departments of Santa Cruz and Chuquisaca, represented by its indigenous regional organizations, Khatun Killaka Asanajaqi (JAKISA) and the Assembly of the Guarani People (APG) respectively. To support to the organizations and the program as a whole, we will work with other actors in the indigenous movement, such as NGOs committed to the rights of Indigenous Peoples. The project will last 2 years.