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Community / Land projects / Restoration of Critical Habitat for Bicknells Thrush in Septentrional PP

Restoration of Critical Habitat for Bicknells Thrush in Septentrional PP


08/13 - 08/15


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This project aims to restore critical wintering habitat for Bicknells Thrush (Catharus bicknelli) in Loma Quita Espuela Scientific Reserve, the largest protected area of the Cordillera Septentrional, Dominican Republic, by phasing out agricultural activities and livestock ranching in the core area of the Reserve through a pilot program that combines economic incentives for farmers, legal tools such as conservation easements, and law enforcement. Specifically: 1) Agricultural activities and livestock ranching in 250 hectares of land within Loma Quita Espuela Scientific Reserve (LQESR) will be phased out, via compensatory payments and outreach; 2) 6 key farmers cultivating plots within the Reserve boundaries will be compensated and relocated outside the Reserve; 3) 250 hectares of degraded lands formerly used for annual crops and pastures within the park boundaries will be managed to restore and enhance natural regeneration; 4) A vegetation and land use map of LQESR will be updated and completed; 5) A land tenure and property boundary assessment of two target sectors in the Reserve (El Valle and Pie de Plata) will be completed. 6) A monitoring program for Bicknells Thrush, other selected migrant and resident species, and vegetation will be conducted in both intact forest and degraded lands identified for recovery, to provide baseline data by which to assess the ecological success of restoration efforts and to track population levels of this high priority migrant; 7) 10 park rangers will be extensively trained and properly equipped to enforce laws within the Reserve, to file reports of illegal activities, and to conduct routine biological observations.