Smallholder Commercialization Programme - under the Global Agricultural Food Security Programme (SCP-GAFSP) | Land Portal
Contact information: 
Harold Liversage, IFAD <>

Geographical focus

The programme aims to empower the rural poor to increase their food security and incomes on a sustainable basis with a view to achieving long-term economic development and poverty reduction. Specifically it aims to reduce the gap between national rice production and demand (70,000 metric tons) and to increase farm incomes by 10% for the 100,000 direct beneficiaries.

On land and natural resource governance, the programme, through the Land and Water Development Division (LWDD), carries out topographic, soil, hydrological, social and economic surveys to plan the rehabilitation of the Inland Valley Swamp (IVS). With the prospect of the rehabilitation of the swamp, LWDD is training youth contractors and communities in rehabilitation works and water management.

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