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Community / Land projects / TZ LCSL _ Women’s Rights to Land

TZ LCSL _ Women’s Rights to Land


10/21 - 10/22


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Women’s Rights to Land For Economic Empowerment project aim to ensure women’s full and effective participation and equal opportunities for productive resource, employment and land in particular. The grant applied to LCSL will support the implementation of Women’sRights To Land For Economic Empowerment. This project among other things will support the organization to identify differences among women and men as to accessing land in the Tanzania under the customary land tenure system, identify the contributions of on-going land reforms in increasing women’s access to land in their respective areas (villages), assess the constraints and opportunities affecting access to land by women econamicaly and socially and assess the influence of religion and intermarriage on women’s access toland for economics earning as well as to identify and form women’s mechanisms/groups to protect women against any possible loss of their access rights; and Among the activities that will be implemented in this project includeto build advocacy capacity of pastoralist women and young mother and support their engagement on women’s land rights for economic empowerment, strengthen the advocacy approaches of women’s network on land rights for economic empowerment, create four (4) groups of women within our cooperative to promote entrepreneurship through land. Four (4) groups will have access to land for economic activities, training pastoralist women and young mothers on entrepreneurship through land, organize maasai festival and provide public award to 2 creative business ideas generated by pastoralists maasai women and young mothers through land. The aim is to break the stigma and taboos around women’s rights to land and to support the trained 4 pastoralists women and young mother groups to access capital for their business. This will include link them with the financial institutions, support them with materials for business startup, link them with local government authority of development fund.

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